Nourish Cooking Services

Home Meals

Nourish offers meal prep for breakfasts, lunches, dinners, side dishes, and desserts ranging from partial to complete meal preparation.


Personalized menu and recipe plans, grocery shopping, basic kitchen prep work (chopping vegetables, measuring ingredients, making sauce/broth/soup bases, etc). 

Our partial meal preparation service is a way to learn about cooking in your own kitchen, making meals that take you less than an hour to put together. This service is for people with busy schedules who have an interest in cooking and learning about food. 

We provide everything you need to put together your own meal, including but not limited to sauces, broth, soup bases, preserved ingredients, and exciting flavor palates created by Nourish cooks. 

Be creative and get back into the kitchen with our help 



Personalized menu, grocery shopping, kitchen prep, cooking and storing complete meals. 

Our complete meal preparation service is all about convenience. We handle your meals from start to finish and store them in your fridge or freezer for you to heat whenever you need. 

Get back to the dinner table and enjoy meals made in your kitchen according to your tastes 

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Parties & Events

Let Nourish help you celebrate with those you love most. Our home made dishes and hors d'oeuvres are perfect for your small party or event


Give the gift of Nourish! Contact us for personalized Nourish gift certificates.


Cooking Classes

Do you have an interest in honing your own cooking skills? Sign up for a cooking class with Nourish!

Nourish Cooking classes are held in your home and can be done for groups or individuals. Each participant will get to take home their delicious new creations as well as a few additional recipes to try on their own! Our recipes are designed according to your unique palette. 


A little about cost

Since Nourish is different for everyone, cost varies. Here are some starting points for the services. 

Partial prep has a starting service fee of $90 + cost of groceries. Fees vary based on desired quantity of meals/servings.

Complete prep has a starting service fee of $125 + cost of groceries. Fees vary based on desired quantity of meals/servings.

All our parties start at $25/person, which includes the cost of groceries.

Classes begin at $75/person, which includes the cost of groceries.

We also offer a home meals trial service of 3 meals for $75 + cost of groceries!