frequently asked questions


What does Nourish do?

Nourish provides a range of services, from menu planning to grocery shopping to meal prep to party planning and catering. Whether you just need help coming up with new ideas for dinner or your busy schedule keeps you from eating well, we're here to help. 

What's the difference between a partial service and a complete service?

Partial service is for those of you who enjoy cooking but need some support. You'll feel like a TV chef with all your ingredients pre-measured, chopped, and spiced ready for you to throw in the pan! With partial service you'll learn to expand your existing cooking skills. 

Complete service is for those of you who don't have time to spend in the kitchen. Whether you're putting in late hours, want more time with the family, or just prefer to be creative elsewhere, Nourish will take care of dinner. We do everything from writing recipes to selecting the best ingredients to portioning each meal in a way that best suits your lifestyle. Simply heat and serve. 


Where do you cook?

We create our meals in the safety of your own kitchen which is left spotlessly clean. You do not need to be home for our cook dates, you simply need to give us access to your kitchen. We only ask that the kitchen is clean upon our arrival so we can work efficiently.


Where do you shop?

We allow the customer to designate which stores and vendors they want us to use. 


What kitchen equipment do you need?

During the consultation we will asses your kitchen according to a list of appliances and equipment we will need to prepare your meals. Anything you don’t have we can either purchase and charge you for or bring from our arsenal upon cook date.


How is the food packaged and stored?

Packaging depends on the dish. Meals that require heating in an oven will be packaged in either glass, metal, or aluminum containers. Meals that can be microwaved (such as soups you can take to the office) will be packaged in glass or BPA-free plastic containers. Cold dishes (such as salads) will be packaged in BPA-free plastic containers that are easy to take with you anywhere. We will use any containers you already own or there is a small one time fee (<$50) for purchasing packaging materials for new clients.


How long do meals last?

Fresh serve meals are stored in the fridge and should be eaten within 7 days. Any fresh serve dish containing fish should be eaten within 2 days. Long-term meals are stored in the freezer and last up to one month.


How do I give the gift of Nourish?

We offer gift certificates as well as care meals! Ask for more details.