About Nourish

Ohio based, Nourish is a personal chef and catering service. We cook in your home and according to every customer’s unique needs. Whether you’re looking to incorporate more fresh produce into your diet or you simply want to get your family back around the table, Nourish is eager to help. See a complete list of what we offer on our services page.


To create meals that are wholesome, exciting, and nourishing. We take great pride in bringing people together around the table with satisfying food no matter the diet.


Hi, I'm Emily

I come from a big family of talented home cooks. I have been working in the kitchen exploring food and nutrition with my mother and grandmother since childhood. I had the privilege of sharing incredible meals in my own home with my family every night. That experience instilled in me a passion for cooking for others as well as a respect for food and the way it nourishes us both in body and mind. I love experimenting with food, but some of my favorite dishes are simple. I love the way a whole roasted chicken surrounded by fresh vegetables makes your entire kitchen smell warm and comforting. I get a great deal of satisfaction from entertaining and have challenged myself with traditional Creole gumbos, Indian curries with layers of warm spices, and entire pigs slow cooked over an open fire in my own backyard. I live on a farm where I spend my spare time entertaining friends, making pottery and weaving baskets.